A Brushless DC pump pump pumping requirements for oil extraction, coolant, and acid-base solutions

The head flow and parameter definition of the pump are set by reference to water, and the power head and flow of the pump are related to the viscosity, temperature and medium of the solution.

Pump oil

The viscosity of the oil is a very important indicator, only the viscosity close to the water can refer to the parameter table of the pump to select the pump.

Take DC40A-2460 for example, DC24V, 1.2A, max. head 6m, max. flow rate 840L/H.

When this model is used to pump oil, the current rises and the head and flow are greatly reduced. If you continue to select the DC40A-2460 pump, the pump will burn because the maximum limit current of the pump is 1.2A. Therefore, if the pump is used for pumping oil, please select the pump with relatively lower power, to reduce the influence on the pump body caused by the increase in the current. We can choose DC40A-2440, when it pumps water, current is 0.65A, head is 4m. When pumps oil, the current will increase to 1A or 1.2A, however, it is still in the safe range. For details, please communicate with us.


Pump normal acid/alkaline solution

The pump can bear a certain acid-base solution or alkaline solution,corrosion resistance depends on PH value, chemical composition, etc. The actual effect needs to be tested by the users. The material of the pump is customized material, and the material can be changed within a certain range according to the material characteristics to achieve different acid and alkali resistance.

Post time: Dec-10-2021