Introduction of speed adjustable method

Introduction of speed adjustable method

The controller box outside the pump to avoid the affect of high temperature, and use high-temperature resistance material for pump body ,so the pump can be put in boiling water and work fine. The controller of the pump is programming controlled which has many self-protect function, such as K-Jam, reverse connection, over-loading and over- current protection, water shortage protection etc.

Below Speed regulation methods for your selection:

1.PWM Speed Adjusting(Flow and head adjustable)

PWM(50HZ-800HZ,Amplitude 5V), the black wire is for ground lead, and the yellow wire is for PWM signal generating port, leave the red wire no contact.


2.0~5V Analog Signal Speed Adjusting(Flow and head adjustable)

Contact the black wire to ground lead and the yellow wire to the 0-5V analog signal generating port, leave the red no contact.

contact1 contact2

3.Manual potentiometer speed adjusting

Contact the red(5V) and black(0v) wire to each side of potentiometer’s lead pin and the yellow(signal) to the middle pin. Turning the potentiometer to change the speed.


4.Speed adjusting by changing voltage(Flow and head adjustable)

The flow rate and head is able to be adjusted by changing the voltage of input voltage, from DC 7v to DC 24V.

Post time: Apr-20-2022