The difference between a brushless DC water pump and a traditional brushed water pump?

First of all, the structure of a brushless DC water pump is different from that of the brushed water pump. The main thing is that the structure is different, so there will be differences in life, price, and usage. There are carbon brushes in the brushed water pump, which will wear out during use, so the service life is shorter and the price is lower. There is no carbon brush in the brushless water pump, the service life is long, and the price will be relatively higher.

In terms of driving mode, although both brushless water pumps and brushed water pumps are electric water pumps, the brushless DC water pumps are driven by brushless DC motors, and the brushed water pumps are driven by brush motors.The working principle is different.

Therefore, during the purchase process, the users need to understand this basic information and choose the right pump.


Post time: Dec-10-2021