The notice before using a brushless DC water pump.

First of all, we need to know more about “What is a brushless DC water pump”, its feature and the precautions.

Main feature:
1.Brushless DC motor, also known as EC motor; Magnetic Driven;
2. Small size but strong; Low consumption & High Efficiency;
3. Long time continuous working, lifespan about 30000 hours;
4. Sealed with resin, water and electricity isolation, very Safety, no leakage. Low noise about 35dB; 3-phase can bear max. temperature 100 degree.
5. Submersible, 100% waterproof;
6. Wide range of working voltage; Maintenance – free;
7. Can be used to pump water, oil, acid and alkali solution, for special liquid, test needed.
8. Variety Power: DC electric source, Battery or Solar Panel;
9. Soft Start with Low in-rush current, great for the Solar System.

1.Please provide as much as details when choose the pump model, such as: continous working hours, water temperature, media temperature and so on, the pump power exceeds a certain power and is not suitable for long-term continuous operation at water temperature of 60 degrees or above 100 degrees. Please communicate with the technician in order to choose the most suitable pump!
2.The above current is the open current of the pump, that is, the current when the pump is directly placed in the water without any system connected, and it is also the maximum current of the pump. When the pump is connected to the system, the working current of the pump will be reduced to 70%-85% of the maximum load current.
3.The head of the pump is the maximum water delivery height, that is, the flow rate at the maximum head is zero.
4.The flow rate of the water pump is the horizontal flow, that is, the flow of horizontal pumping

Post time: Dec-10-2021