The water pump doesn’t turn, it just turns with a flick of your hand. What’s going on

1、 Problem with water pump power supply circuit
The normal operation of the water pump requires a large amount of power support, so when there is a problem with the power supply line, the water pump may not rotate. The main manifestations are circuit aging, burning, or loose plugs, which can be solved by checking whether the power supply circuit is damaged or loose, repairing or replacing the power supply circuit.

2、 Motor issues
The motor is a key component for the normal operation of the water pump. Due to long-term or improper use, problems such as motor aging, insulation damage, rotor jamming, and outdated motor bearings may occur, resulting in the water pump not rotating or rotating slowly. In this case, it is necessary to check if there is a problem with the motor and carry out motor maintenance or replacement to restore the normal operation of the water pump.

3、The problem with the water pump itself
The problem with the water pump itself may lead to non rotation, mainly manifested as mechanical jamming of the pump body or magnetic mismatch between the rotor and stator. For this situation, it is necessary to disassemble the water pump for inspection and assembly to solve the problem.

In addition, the water pump may not rotate for a period of time after starting, due to the presence of air in the pump's suction pipeline, delivery pipeline, or pump body, which prevents the formation of continuous water flow. The solution is to adjust and remove the air or impurities in the pipeline appropriately, and add lubricating oil after starting.

In summary, the reasons why the water pump does not rotate may be due to problems with the power supply circuit, motor, or the water pump itself, each of which requires different treatment methods to solve. Before solving the problem, it is best to first seek professional technical personnel for inspection and appraisal to avoid causing greater damage to the equipment when dealing with the problem.

Post time: Dec-22-2023